About C.B.I.

About C.B.I.

Circle "B" Inc. is a Navada Corporation with Subsidiaries in California

Our Subsidiaries were developed with the hopes that we would be - with
the help of God - able to assist those who could not afford to provided the
necessaries of life, for those who live on a fixed income, or have other
situations that might prevent them from seeking outside assistance.

Whatever the situations in your life, CIRCLE "B" INC. - GUARANTEES that
we will meet your financial limitations.


We provide Ministering to those who wish to accept Our Lord Jesus Christ
as their Savior. Through Boyd & Boyd Ministries For Christ we have
on-line Prayer Request.

Our Parent Ministry Site
New Testament Missionary Baptist Church - Santa Clarita Valley Internet Ministry.
Provides on-line Prayer Meetings and Counseling.

You may earn a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Studies through our On-Line
Bible Institute at New Testament  M.B.C. - S.C.V. Bible Institute.

We are winning lost souls for the Kingdom of God through Soldier Of
Jesus Christ Ministries. For those who need Salvation we provide a way
through The Holy Bible at Jesus Save My Soul Ministries.

We provide Concealing - Spiritual - for Substance Abuse, Spousal Abuse,
Child Abuse, and issues of life through Faith in Myself, Ministries.

We provide Bus Driver Training - Special Certificate and Charter Bus -
through the services of Boyd-One In-Service & Training.

We provide trips for Charter Bus, SPAB Bus, Theme Parks, Museum, and
other attractions, through Boyd-One Coach & Limousine and
Circle "B" Inc. Tour & Brokerage.


Circle "B" Inc. is here to help you;

The On-Line Business is BOOMING.
We would like to help you start your own On-Line Business.

I am Founder of Circle "B" Inc. One of the fastest ways to make the money you need, and at the same time help our Military Personnel, is through our
"Military Outreach Program".

We have been in business since July of 1980. We began our On-Line Business in 1999 and would like to help you get started with your On-Line Business.

Please take a few minutes and check out my FREE Web-Site [http://newtestamentmbc-scv.ws] and see how it works. We are not trying to sell you anything (sounds crazy, doesn't it) but it works.  As a member of a Military Family (any member of your family being in the Military, a Veteran, or a Spouse of a Veteran, Son, or Daughter), you will have a FREE 60 day trial, which will include a FREE .WS Web-Site, FREE Web-Hosting, and FREE Training to keep your Personal Web-Site up-to-date, and FREE E-Mail.

Even if you are a non-Military Family you will have a FREE 7 Trial with all of the above benefits. By the way, you can have whatever Domain Name that you want, even your own name (your-name.ws).

Join the Mega Companies, like UPS, Boise, DHL, FedEx, and Many Others, who have purchased .WS Domain Names and forward them to their Main Web-Site. Just to see how it works click the UPS.ws [http://ups.ws] Link, and see how it will redirect you to their Main Web-Site.

We Help Military Families Earn In-Line Income
non-Military Families
Join Our Military Outreach Program

Join Me and the Thousands of Others.

Steve Boyd, Founder
Circle "B" Inc.